Teri Whittlinger was hit head on by a driver who did not have a license or insurance. Unfortunately Teri only had liability insurance at the time. The other driver Rachel Rife swerved into her lane at about 70 mph. Teri had her three children, 4 yrs, 9 yrs, and 15 yrs in the vehicle with her as well as the daughter of a family friend who was 16 yrs. the children suffered minor injuries thanks to the quick thinking of Teri who put the corner of the van in the path of the oncoming vehicle instead of letting it side swipe her which would have ended in major injuries to the children in the back or possible death. The other vehicle hit her so hard that the back of the van lifted up and came back down on the road at an angle. Teri's femer was pushed through her pelvis shattering it. The district attorney for Washington County has decided not to prosecute this person even though she admitted to peramedics she was high on Methadon. Teri and her children are still trying to pull their lives back together after this incedent but medical bills and other exspenses has made it difficult. Even though the accident took place on Oct. 10 2015 Teri is still struggling to learn how to walk again and the children still have nightmares about the accident and are afraid to be in vehicles after dark. Her husband was let go at his job by superior temparary services because he had to take care of their children while Teri was in a care facility and after she reurned home. He is currently searching for employment. Any donation that you can make would be appreciated and put towards this families ever growing finacial needs.

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